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Reduce manual tasks by 80%+, focus your team on value


Do more with the same or less, scale with minimal cost


Fraud prevention and detection through automation

Ricoh's Process Automation is the next step in empowering your workforce.

We offer solutions to automate virtually any business process within your organisation, dramatically improving productivity, reducing errors and organising your data.

Using our innovative technologies, you can:

Capture and store text directly from documents

Eliminate the errors from manual input

Speed up your workflows

Free your staff from manual, repetitive workflows

Create reports for measurable insights in to your processes

Secure and control your data.

Does this look like you?

  1. A growing business, looking for an efficient way to expand
  2. An adopter of new technology, keen to make the most of latest innovations
  3. Trying to do more with the same or fewer staff

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See how Rinnai automated the processing of up to 1500 invoices a week

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Key Info
  • Saving between $1200-1500 a month on storage
  • Significantly reduced use of paper
  • Automation of the processing of 1200-1500 invoices a week
Products and Services
  • Laserfiche process automation
  • Kofax data capture
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Did you know... Out of every 100 steps a human is likely to make 10 errors?

Robotic Process Automation What is it?

Think of it as user emulation... Instead of a person on a keyboard and mouse we program a software robot to replicate their actions.

Anything that a user can do on the computer, a ‘Robot’ can also be programmed to do, eliminating countless hours of copying, pasting and switching between systems, applications, spreadsheets, web sites and other data sources.

What’s more it does it at up to 30% of the cost and 100% accuracy. No more data entry errors, no more slow processing times.

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Employee, customer and supplier onboarding
  • Health and Safety, mobile timesheets and data capture

If you could take manual repetitive tasks away from staff how much time/money would it save? What value added task could they then focus on to deliver more to your business and customers?

Did you know... 22% of an employee’s time is spent on repetitive tasks?

Accounts Payable Automation How can it change my business?

This is a typical manual accounts payable process before and after automation. The positive flow-on effect of implementing Process Automation includes minimising steps, removing manual intervention and increasing accuracy, all of which save you time, money and help you focus on the things in your business that deliver the most value to you and your customers.

Standard Process

  • 1Employee at location 1 receives an invoice
  • 2Scans the invoice as a PDF
  • 3Emails the document to finance
  • 4Finance prints out the invoice
  • 5Manually fills out the rest of the information
  • 6Re-scans the invoice as a PDF
  • 7And finally enters the transaction into the accounting system
  • 8Sends payment to the appropriate vendor
  • 9Saves a version for record keeping

Optimised by Ricoh

  • 1Customer sends invoice to centralised email address
  • 2Invoice is automatically scanned, key data extracted and matched to purchase orders and goods receipts
  • 3Automatic approval on correct matching, otherwise automatically routed to correct person for approval.
The Results...
  • 70%+ 'touchless' processing
  • Automated data keying, approval and distribution
  • Save up to two thirds of your current invoicing process costs

Did you know... A typical, rules based process can be automated by 70% to 80%?

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