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How New Zealand organisations can survive and thrive despite digital disruption

All businesses, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere, are facing massive disruption from current and imminent technologies.

This book explores the very real digital threats and opportunities facing New Zealand right now and aims to help Kiwi organisations to cope with, and take advantage of, the new realities of business today and tomorrow.

The Business of Change reviews many of the key technologies impacting on NZ businesses from Artificial Intelligence to Robotics, from the Internet of Things to 3D Printing to Connected Vehicles.

There are scores of examples and case studies from New Zealand and elsewhere, and the book explores step by step how organisations of any size can reinvent themselves to prepare for digital transformation to avoid getting left behind.

  • It’s never been more important for New Zealand organisations to understand the many threats and opportunities of Digital Transformation.
  • Nearly two-thirds of NZ business leaders do not yet have an integrated digital strategy in place.
  • Employees of any business, urban or rural, must adapt to current and future trends.
  • Students in secondary and tertiary sectors need to understand the new dynamics that are dramatically changing their career prospects.
  • Educators at all levels must develop their own skills to meet the evolving needs of their students.

About the Author

Mike Pollok, Managing Director of Ricoh, New Zealand

Mike is no stranger to change. Since 1995 Mike has steered the company from selling and servicing relatively simple stand-alone black and white photocopiers to being an industry leader in the technologically advanced world of Digital Transformation.

Mike is available for interviews.

In the Press

Radio Live: Weekend Life

Mike Pollok joins Trudi to discusses how NZ organisations can survive and thrive, despite digital disruptions.

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Weekend Life

What NZ Business leaders are saying about the book:

“Mike Pollok in writing “The Business of Change” describes in very clear terms how NZ Businesses cannot just survive, but really thrive in these times of Digital Transformation. It is a practical guide that will help business leaders re-imagine how they unlock the benefits of technological transformation while managing the impact of change.”

Christopher Luxon


Air New Zealand

“Mike’s book spells out the enormous potential of a range of new technologies. It brings together insights, advice and examples from top thinkers and leading businesses in New Zealand and abroad. And it outlines how to surmount common hurdles to digital transformation and thrive amid accelerating change.”

Vic Crone

Chief Executive

Callaghan Innovation

“Digital should be an essential element of every New Zealand company’s business plan, no matter if you are in retails, manufacturing or a service industry. This book provides valuable insights into today’s and tomorrow’s digital challenges and is recommended reading for every CEO, manager and entrepreneur.”

Rod Duke

Group Managing Director

Briscoe Group Ltd