Rinnai New Zealand


Key Info
  • Saving between $1200-1500 a month on storage
  • Significantly reduced use of paper
  • Automation of the processing of 1200-1500 invoices a week
Products and Services
  • Laserfiche process automation
  • Kofax data capture


Rinnai is a respected and trusted heating solutions company that services New Zealand and Australia. They are a Japanese subsidiary, established in New Zealand in 1974.


Rinnai required a fresh approach to their document management system. At the time, documents were being poorly stored in boxes across several locations, with many being lost.


In order to help reduce Rinnai’s reliance on paper, Ricoh implemented Laserfiche and Kofax systems. This helped with:

  • Document searching
  • Efficient document management
  • Significantly reducing paper costs
  • Automation of invoicing processes


of NZ businesses see paper as needed for long term record keeping

"We're really happy with the way Ricoh operates. As a business we've become driven to be less reliant on paper and to look at other solutions where paper isn't used"

- Neil Green

Rinnai New Zealand

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