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Key Info
  • 23 locations, 40 printers
  • Secure, 'Follow Me' printing
  • $39k saving per year
Products and Services
  • Multifunction print devices
  • ID-based security
  • Shared Services


Stats NZ is a government agency that aims to change lives by unleashing the power of data, significantly increasing its value to decision-makers.


Selected to lead the first implementation of the CIGA (Christchurch Integrated Government Accommodation Programme) initiative, a key theme within Stats NZ’s strategy was the creation of a mobile integrated environment, enabling staff to work in different locations, unencumbered by the office space.


An integrated solution of Shared Services allows Stats NZ to solve critical problems including:

  • Accurate cost allocation
  • Identity management
  • Information security
  • Overall regulatory compliance


of NZ business see storage and retrieval as the biggest challenge in a paper-based office

"We had a vision for positive change. We were able to find the partners with the technology and capability to help us turn it into a reality"

- Chris Buxton, Chief Digital Officer

Stats NZ

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