Ricoh sees a sustainable society as one that balances Planet (the environment), People (society) and Profit (our economic activities).

The transformation of our 'environment' is making it vital for corporate activities to address emerging social issues. Ricoh has delivered customer value over the years by innovating, but we now need to bring that same innovation to the restoration of our environment.

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Our environmental working practices

Machine Recycling

We’ve always been ahead of the pack – we were recycling our machines and parts before there were regulations to do it. We don’t want our products ending up in landfill, so our recycling program covers end of life devices and spare parts from Ricoh devices or any third party machines. Since the program started, over 180 tonnes of devices have been recycled into reusable materials.

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Toner Cartridge Recycling

Our consumable recycling program is free to our customers as part of our goal to reach zero waste-to-landfill. Setting the industry benchmark, the program has recycled over 1,104 tonnes of toner cartridges. The program includes a free pickup service for qualifying customers and a Reply Paid return service.

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carboNZero Certification

Recognising the impact of Climate Change in New Zealand and Globally, Ricoh has taken action to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions associated with the operation of our business through the carboNZero CERT TM programme.

Through this programme, we are able to set real and achievable goals towards moving to a lower carbon industry. By taking part in this programme, we hope it will encourage other businesses to look within their own industry and see how they can work towards reducing their own impact on our environment.

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Reducing Paper Consumption

Ricoh has set targets for the reduction of paper consumption internally. Our goal is to reduce our paper consumption by 4% over the previous year's consumption.Our printers are all set to duplex (double-sided) as standard, we offer paperleess invoicing and we manage all of our records digitally using Laserfiche technology.

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Our sustainability tools for you

Track your carbon footprint

Ricoh's @Remote Green Reports allow users to track trends and report performance in energy and paper use across their print fleet to promote sustainability and cost effectiveness.

The @Remote system collects environmental data from Ricoh networked printers and MFDs at multiple locations, and securely transmits the information to a Ricoh data centre.

carboNZero Service Certification

We recognise that our industry has an impact on our environment, in order to reduce our impact we voluntarily offset the emissions associated with the electricity from our machines through our carboNZero Service Certification.

Our partners in sustainability

The Sustainable Business Network

Ricoh is a member of Sustainable Business Network (SBN), along with 440 other likeminded companies who work together to advocate for sustainability. SBN is a membership-based social enterprise, made up of businesses, governmental agencies and organisations located across New Zealand.

Ricoh, along with five other member businesses, helped SBN create the Smart Office Guide, which provides guidance to businesses on how to create an energy efficient office.


Ricoh is conscious of the potentially detrimental effect to the environment its machines and their peripherals could have throughout their life cycle. Which is why Ricoh works with Croxley Recycling to offer customers a FREE empty toner bottle recycling scheme. Customers can, via an online request system, arrange to have their empty toner bottles collected by Croxley.

Additionally, all end-of-life machines are recycled through Croxley’s e-waste programme. We currently have nearly 8000 customers signed up to the recycling scheme. Last year we recycled over 150,000 toner cartridges.

Enviro-Mark Solutions

Working with an independent body to provide our certifications ensures that we not only stay true to our objectives but also set objectives that provide key environmental benefits.

Enviromark’s carboNZero certification programme allows Ricoh to develop, review and improve a custom system to manage carbon emissions and impacts of our organisation and our products, resulting in a cleaner, greener and more efficient way of low-carbon working.

Westlake Girls School

Westlake Girls is one of over 1000 enviroschools in New Zealand that encourage the adoption of lasting changes in the apporach to sustainability from the schools and it's students.

Sustainbility is not only practiced in the school but also included in its curriculum and facilitated through action-learning.

Enviroschools is supported by a national team, in partnership with around 100 national and regional partners, including the majority of New Zealand’s councils. Facilitators from these partner organisations work with a suite of resources to progress the sustainability journey.

All About Promo

All About Promo are the worlds only carboNZero certified promo company and have an ethos that fits with Ricoh’s views on the way to do business sustainably.

They work hard to ensure that all of their sourcing and delivery to clients is offset and uses carboNZero certified suppliers wherever possible.

With a year-on-year audit, measurement of their carbon emissions and a plan for further reductions they ensure that they are a green supplier.

Our Accreditations

Ricoh sees a sustainable society as one that balances Planet (the environment), People (society) and Profit (our economic activities).

ISO14001 certification at the new 2015 standard

carboNZero certified since 2008

All of our machines are Environmental Choice certified

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